Q: Do I need to be a technical person to volunteer?
A: No. You just have to be a person. Professional staff is on hand to assist you with whatever interest you might have.

Q: I’d like to volunteer but I don’t have an idea for a show.
A: No idea necessary. You can crew on another show or just hang around and watch until you decide what you like.

Q: Can I come in and just use the editing decks for my own footage?
A: We are not a production house, but we’re always looking for locally produced pieces. If you have something you want to pull together, we’ll be happy to show you the basics of editing and post-production.

Q: Would ABMI cover a local event of my club or organization?
A: Yes, if possible. But due to our limited staff we generally ask that you volunteer and work the camera or recruit volunteers willing to do so. We supply the instruction necessary. Usually we edit the piece too, if extensive post-production is not required.

Q: Can I borrow a camera for my own personal use?
A: We ask that all camera use be restricted to footage intended for cablecast to the community.

Q: Why isn’t there a local TV news program?
A: Here’s a question for you, my friend: why not come in and produce your own?

Q: What channel are the Bellingham school committee meetings on?
A: Channel 98, the local educational channel.

Q: How about the Bellingham Town Hall meetings?
A: Channel 11, the government and library channel.

Q: What channel are the Mendon-Upton school committee meetings on?
A: Channel 8, every first and third Thursday of the month.

Q: How about the Mendon Selectmen’s meetings?
A: Live on Channel 11, the government and library channel. Also, taped on Ch. 8 every Monday night at 9pm, and every second and fourth Thursday at 10pm.

Q: I’m very creative and have plenty of ideas, but I don’t think they would be relevant to the community.
A: If you’re from Mendon or Bellingham, it’s relevant to the community.

Q: I have a message that I would like to see on the community video bulletin board. Whom do I contact?
A: Steve Saraceno, ABMI Publicity Director, at 508-966-3234.

Q: How can I become a Member of ABMI?
A: Give Station Manager Patrick Fleming a call at 508-966-3234. He’ll gladly tell you the details.